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Principal investigator

Dr. Adam Huttenlocker

Associate Professor of Integrative Anatomical Sciences

Growing up in the Hawaiian islands, I found that evidence of evolution is everywhere. I brought to the mainland my curiosity for science and natural history, and explored the fossil-rich Rocky Mountains as a student at University of Colorado at Boulder. My travels continued during my Master's and PhD, exploring field sites across the western United States, the Transantarctic Mountains, and southern Africa. I'm currently an Associate Professor of Integrative Anatomical Sciences at USC where I teach anatomy to medical students. When I'm not training future anatomists and medical professionals or traveling for research, I'm probably hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, birding, improving my guitar playing, casual gaming, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Twitter: @dimetrodoc


Paul Byrne

PhD candidate (co-advised by David Bottjer, Luis Chiappe, Nathan Smith)

Collaborators & COAUTHORS

Students & lab alums

Alums & former advisees

Nick Schultz, 2019, USC Biological Sciences PhD (now faculty at Pasadena City College)

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris: Vivian de Buffrénil

Kyle Kato, 2019, USC Biological Sciences undergraduate

Yun-Hsin "Becky" Wu, 2022, USC Earth Sciences PhD (now NHMLA)


Paul is a PhD candidate in USC Earth Sciences. His dissertation research investigates the interactions between lung tissue and the internal structure of bone in the "pneumatized" skeletons of birds and some fossil non-avian archosaurs. He is building a large comparative database of pneumosteal tissues using a combination of histologic and 3D biomedical imaging techniques.

Jeremy Klingler, 2020, U of U Biological Sciences PhD (now faculty at Southwestern Oklahoma State University)

Petrified Forest National Park: Adam Marsh

Sorbonne Université, Paris: Jorge Cubo

Collège de France, Paris: Armand de Ricqlès

Iziko South African Museum, Cape Town: Claire Browning, Zaituna Skosan

Natural History Museum of LA County, Los Angeles: Luis Chiappe, Nathan Smith, Xiaoming Wang, Yun-Hsin Wu

Evolutionary Studies Institute, Wits University, Johannesburg: Jennifer Botha, Bruce Rubidge, Roger Smith, Brandon Stuart *

California State University, San Bernardino: Stuart Sumida

The Field Museum, Chicago: Kenneth Angielczyk, Jason Pardo, Pia Viglietti

Texas Tech University, Lubbock: Sankar Chatterjee, Bryan Small

DJ Oh, 2019, USC Biological Sciences undergraduate (now at UCLA)

Idaho State University Museum, Pocatello: Brandon Peecook, Xavier Jenkins *

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh: David S Berman, Amy Henrici

KU Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum, Lawrence: Lindsay Walker

University of Calgary: Jason Anderson, Charles Henderson

McKenzi Yocus, M.D., 2016 (M.D., University of Utah School of Medicine)

University of Southern California, Dornsife College, Los Angeles: David Bottjer, Trond Sigurdsen, Matthew Dean, Craig Stanford

University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles: Tea JashashviliBiren Patel

University of Utah School of Biological Science, Salt Lake City: David Carrier, Colleen Farmer  

University of Washington Burke Museum, Seattle: Christian Sidor

 student collaborator

Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona: Elizabeth Rega

Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City: Jim Kirkland

University of California, Berkeley: Kevin Padian, Charles Marshall, James Pinto *

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: Josh Feinberg, Jonathan Stine

Yuen Ting "Athena" Tse

PhD student 


Yuen Ting is a PhD student in USC's Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences. She received her BS from University of Washington and MSc from Ohio State University. She is broadly interested in cranio-dental ecomorphology in mammals and their extinct synapsid forebears.

Matthew Crane, M.D., 2019, USC Biological Sciences undergraduate (M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)

Neven Bowler, 2022, USC Biological Sciences undergraduate

University of Oklahoma & Sam Noble Museum of Natural History: Jacqueline Lungmus

University of Chicago: Zhe-Xi Luo, Caroline Abbott *

Megan Sodano

PhD student (incoming 2024)

Megan is a PhD student in USC's Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences. She received her BS in Paleobiology from Virginia Tech. She is interested in investigating the relationship between the trabecular architecture of distal phalanges and their function across different clades of tetrapods and their extinct relatives.


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg: Sterling Nesbitt, Michelle Stocker

Natural History Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City: Randall Irmis, Carolyn Levitt-Bussian

Louisiana State University, New Orleans: Emma Schachner

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